Daphne - Initially, we brought Daphne, our 8-1/2 year old Bull Mastiff, to The Canine Joint for exercise with the goal of weight loss. Daphne has suffered from chronic and painful inter-digital cysts her entire life, which diminished her ability and desire to go for walks. Over the years, Daphne packed on the pounds due to her lack of exercise and being a spayed female. About a year ago, our vet told us that her age and weight had caused arthritis in her spine, which was affecting her gait and ability to use stairs. If that wasn’t enough, the vet added that she was also at risk of blowing out knee or hip, which would be a death sentence for a dog her age and size. I had been driving by The Canine Joint for months, and it was time to call. Patty was great and I felt encouraged. I immediately sent the authorization form to Daphne’s veterinarian, who was supportive and enthusiastic about benefits she would receive from regular hydrotherapy. Within the first few sessions, we saw amazing changes in Daphne. First, she was simply in better spirits, but more importantly, Daphne was moving with a fluidity we had not seen in so long. While Daphne has been side-tracked a few times with foot surgery, we get her back to therapy as soon as possible (doctor’s orders) because without it the difference is remarkable. We also recently found out she has bursitis in her elbow, which at times seems painful after her therapy. Nonetheless, our vet has assured us that the benefits she is getting from the hydrotherapy: building muscle tissue throughout her body, strengthening her heart and bones, far outweigh a little bursitis pain (which the vet manages with some medication). We are so pleased with Daphne’s progress and overall improved condition since she has been treated Patty and her staff. Daphne is now 9-1/2 and she is happy, healthy and playing with her 2-year old brother and sister Bull Mastiffs. She went from sleeping most of the day and going down only a few steps out the front door, to being up and around, playing with the pups and going down a full set of stairs to the back yard. Thanks, Patty & Staff!

Kim, Mark, and Daphne Olson

Cleo - “At 14 years old my American Eskimo, Cleo, now suffers from degenerative myelopathy. Over time this progressive disease has taken a dramatic toll on Cleo’s mobility, impacting her quality of life. After Cleo became a patient of Patti’s, I could not be happier with the results.

I have been very impressed with Patti’s breadth of knowledge and her ability and willingness to apply her experience to develop a highly personalized program for Cleo. Patti began performing her unique form of pet physical therapy a little more than a year ago and Cleo has really responded.

Patti’s special way of conveying compassion and kindness through her tender approach has helped Cleo to cope in a manner that really makes a difference. We leave every treatment session with a very positive feeling knowing that Patti is delivering the most advanced care available in very personal manner.

Although we can’t stop the effects of the disease, Patti’s professional yet caring style has certainly provided an added level of comfort to both of us."

Elizabeth Procaccianti

East Greenwich, RI

Harvey - I brought our very senior yellow lab mix, Harvey, to The Canine Joint when there were few options left for him. He could not stand, walk, or support his own weight without assistance, and his quality of life was diminishing with every day.

Although I was skeptical at first, his improvement after starting treatment at The Canine Joint was immediate. Harvey received gentle and carefully planned rehabilitative care, and he LOVED attending his sessions! It is nearly a year later, and Harvey still enjoys a quality of life that I had feared was only a part of his past. With their flexible scheduling options, I have been able to make visits to The Canine Joint a regular part of our routine so that Harvey can continue to live each day to its fullest!

Eleni Milas-Romanello


Nicky, our pitbull, never really recovered from being hit by a car when he was 2. After the first round of treatments at The Canine Joint, we saw increased muscle mass and dramatic improvement in his ability to get around. He now uses both his back legs to climb stairs where he could only use one before, and looks 2 years younger. We look forward to Nicky gaining even more mobility as he continues his weekly Canine Joint visits! Thank you Patti, his therapist and Cheryl, Nick's chiropractor.

Judy and Michael Marcellot

Seven Arrows Farm - Attleboro

Babushe my 12 year old ball of energy was limping. My heart was breaking. I was told that the condition untreated would result in him being unable to walk properly, squat and move his bowels and then lift himself. My best friend would become crippled. My heart was breaking. I had always done everything that I knew of to make his life a happy and healthy one. The vet suggested The Canine Joint. He said that they were reasonably priced and had heard good things about them. In tears I visited them. It has been the best decision I have ever made. With loving and professional care they have brought my Babushe back to health. They treated him like he is their own. The massage, laser and water therapy have allowed him to regain his confidence and pain free build up muscle where he had lost it. He is walking up stairs where once he was crying for he couldn't climb them. There is no way I can thank them for what they have done. Bring your dog to The Canine Joint. Try it you will be doing the best thing for you and your dog


Providence, RI

Tango my four year old Bullmastiff began competing in AKC dog shows last year and seemed to be having trouble with his right shoulder. He seemed to be holding back his range of motion. After going through expensive x-rays and examinations with my vet, nothing was found. I felt helpless. I reached out to Patty at The Canine Joint and explained what he was going through. She asked that I bring him in, and she would do an evaluation with him. When we first went in for our first initial exam, the staff had set up a program specific for him that included laser and hydrotherapy. It worked! Within a few months, he was back on track. His range of motion and gait looked beautiful as he glided across the show ring. On April 29, 2012, Tango won his Championship Title! And then he went on to win Best of Breed in New York earlier this month! Thank you Canine Joint! Because of Patty’s knowledge and skilled staff, Tango’s problem with his right shoulder was resolved!

With his size and short life expectancy, I have decided to keep him on a fitness program at The Canine Joint. His workouts help to keep his limbs loose and will help prevent problems that his breed is prone to. My goal is to make his life healthy and happy. I want to have him in my life for a very long time and his workouts at The Canine Joint have helped him achieve my goals. Many thanks to Patty and her staff! Everyone at the Canine Joint is so knowledgeable in this field, and is always able to pinpoint specific programs for each of their patient’s cases. They are terrific! You must check out The Canine Joint.


Glocester, Rhode Island

Moose-Just want to thank you for your help with my older lab mix Moose. He Has made an amazing recovery over the last few months. Apparently the result of an infection, in March Moose became lethargic and developed extreme lameness in his right hip. After a few anxious nights at Tufts Animal Hospital. Moose was discharged with a support harness that was necessary to help him get up and support his weight as he walked. The orthopedist at Tufts recommended Moose start therapy and after a month his progress would be checked and a decision made if surgery was necessary. After a month of therapy Moose went back to Tufts and they were thrilled with his progress, surgery avoided! The care and affection that you showed Moose during his therapy sessions is so much appreciated. Moose enjoyed the sessions as well, he always approached your door with enthusiasm and a wagging tail. Aquatic therapy on the treadmill was the perfect activity to strengthen his atrophied muscles. Thanks again for all of the services you provide to dogs and the people who care about them!

Jason Pinto

South Attleboro, MA

Fey-The Canine Joint has helped Fey enjoy another summer of romping on the beach and getting around our backyard. Fey is approaching 9 years old this coming fall and at 5 months old she was unable to walk and play due to "luxation of the superficial digital flexor tendon" on her right back leg. Fey had surgery at Angell Animal Hospital in 2005 and 6 months of being crated during recovery. This was no fun for her as we had added another lively puppy to our household at that time. Fey has never been able to run the way most dogs can and long walks tire her out. Over the years all four of Fey's legs have become arthritic and the tendons show wear and tear. The cold winters are difficult for her. This past late winter I made Fey an appointment at The Canine Joint and we bought an 8 week package. It was the best thing we've done to help our Fey. Therapy has eased the tight joints and pain. Fey loves the massages and friendly attention given. It is summer and Fey is enjoying her beach strolls and looking much more comfortable as she makes a most excellent attempt to keep up with her dog pal Jasper. Thank you Patti and staff at The Canine Joint for giving Fey less pain.

Judith and Peter

Rehoboth, MA