Patti’s tender approach helped Cleo

“At 14 years old my American Eskimo, Cleo, now suffers from degenerative myelopathy. Over time this progressive disease has taken a dramatic toll on Cleo’s mobility, impacting her quality of life. After Cleo became a patient of Patti’s, I could not be happier with the results.

I have been very impressed with Patti’s breadth of knowledge and her ability and willingness to apply her experience to develop a highly personalized program for Cleo. Patti began performing her unique form of pet physical therapy a little more than a year ago and Cleo has really responded.

Patti’s special way of conveying compassion and kindness through her tender approach has helped Cleo to cope in a manner that really makes a difference. We leave every treatment session with a very positive feeling knowing that Patti is delivering the most advanced care available in very personal manner.

Although we can’t stop the effects of the disease, Patti’s professional yet caring style has certainly provided an added level of comfort to both of us.”

Elizabeth Procaccianti
E. Greenwich, RI