8 1/2 year old Daphne

Initially, we brought Daphne, our 8-1/2 year old Bull Mastiff, to The Canine Joint for exercise with the goal of weight loss. Daphne has suffered from chronic and painful inter-digital cysts her entire life, which diminished her ability and desire to go for walks. Over the years, Daphne packed on the pounds due to her lack of exercise and being a spayed female. About a year ago, our vet told us that her age and weight had caused arthritis in her spine, which was affecting her gait and ability to use stairs. If that wasn’t enough, the vet added that she was also at risk of blowing out knee or hip, which would be a death sentence for a dog her age and size. I had been driving by The Canine Joint for months, and it was time to call. Patty was great and I felt encouraged. I immediately sent the authorization form to Daphne’s veterinarian, who was supportive and enthusiastic about benefits she would receive from regular hydrotherapy. Within the first few sessions, we saw amazing changes in Daphne. First, she was simply in better spirits, but more importantly, Daphne was moving with a fluidity we had not seen in so long. While Daphne has been side-tracked a few times with foot surgery, we get her back to therapy as soon as possible (doctor’s orders) because without it the difference is remarkable. We also recently found out she has bursitis in her elbow, which at times seems painful after her therapy. Nonetheless, our vet has assured us that the benefits she is getting from the hydrotherapy: building muscle tissue throughout her body, strengthening her heart and bones, far outweigh a little bursitis pain (which the vet manages with some medication). We are so pleased with Daphne’s progress and overall improved condition since she has been treated Patty and her staff. Daphne is now 9-1/2 and she is happy, healthy and playing with her 2-year old brother and sister Bull Mastiffs. She went from sleeping most of the day and going down only a few steps out the front door, to being up and around, playing with the pups and going down a full set of stairs to the back yard. Thanks, Patty & Staff!

Kim, Mark & Daphne Olson