Sharon Gilson MSPT, CCRP

Sharon has been a practicing human Physical Therapist for 14 years, since graduating from the University of Rhode Island’s Master’s Degree program in 1996. Her primary area of focus has been in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. She is also the proud owner of two mixed breed canines, Salty and Pepper. About four years ago, Salty tore his hind leg knee ligament and needed surgery to repair it. The veterinarian suggested he receive physical rehabilitation after surgery, which was the first she heard of this emerging area in animal treatment. After researching the field of canine rehabilitation, and realizing it is open to both physical therapists and veterinarians, she completed courses at the University of Tennessee’s Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner certification program. Sharon is very excited to be sharing and using her knowledge of rehabilitation on her canine friends, as she feels our fellow animals deserve all the physical, medical and psychological care that humans receive. Her long term dream is to move to a farm and provide a home for all kinds of furry friends in need. Sharon’s experience includes many hours of volunteer work at a canine rehabilitation practice. She also has had hands-on experience with Salty and Pepper, as the two of them required both knee ligaments to be surgically repaired in the past 4 years (that’s four knees in all!). Sharon’s short term dream to work as part of a great team in a canine rehabilitation facility has already come true, here at The Canine Joint!