Kara St.Germain VA

After finishing 8 yrs in the military with two tours in Iraq, Kara, was hired and trained as a Veterinary Technician in Rhode Island. She has lived with dogs her entire life. She had a Dalmatian named Dice growing up and after she passed, Kara was determined to help dogs live a healthy life. SInce then she has been rescuing and adopting out dogs, finding a loving home for a stray or unwanted pet is extremely satisfying. Eventually Kara wanted to go into a more holistic approach in the medical field.

In 2012 Kara had a son named Sebastien. She worked up until 2 1/2 weeks before having him, at a Vet hospital and as dog walker. One month before having Sebastien, her dog Anya tore her CCL (ACL equivalent) and needed surgery. Anya started physical therapy right away at The Canine Joint.
Kara has been giving water therapy and swim lessons and is training in rehabilitation hoping to go on and get her Certification in Canine Rehabilitation.