Hydrotherapy can produce a unique environment for exercise to which no other can compare. Our state of the art underwater treadmill combines the use of warm water and buoyancy to encourage ease of movement with little to no joint pressure. Thus, promoting increased joint range of motion, muscle strengthening through resistance, and heightened proprioception with repetition for neurological re-education. The warm water alone or with the adjustable pressure water jets can facilitate circulation, improve flexibility and encourage muscle relaxation. Massage, joint range of motion and muscle stretching may be more appropriate for certain patients while buoyancy is in affect. Treadmill treatments are personalized for each patient by adjusting the treadmill speed, water level height and time or distance. Swimming is also performed in the treadmill tank by raising the water level according to dogs size, adjusting the water jets and using a swim vest. Most importantly, our treadmill allows our patients to exercise at the appropriate level that is safe for their particular condition. We insure the safety and success of our treatment by always having a canine practitioner present inside the treadmill with our patient.