Client Stories

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Harvey can live each day to his fullest!


I brought our very senior yellow lab mix, Harvey, to The Canine Joint when there were few options left for him. He could not stand, walk, or support his own weight without assistance, and his quality of life was diminishing with every day.  Although I was skeptical at first, his improvement after starting treatment at […]

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They brought my Babushe back to health!


Babushe my 12 year old ball of energy was limping. My heart was breaking. I was told that the condition untreated would result in him being unable to walk properly, squat and move his bowels and then lift himself. My best friend would become crippled. My heart was breaking. I had always done everything that I knew of to make his […]

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Patti’s tender approach helped Cleo


“At 14 years old my American Eskimo, Cleo, now suffers from degenerative myelopathy. Over time this progressive disease has taken a dramatic toll on Cleo’s mobility, impacting her quality of life. After Cleo became a patient of Patti’s, I could not be happier with the results. I have been very impressed with Patti’s breadth of […]

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8 1/2 year old Daphne


Initially, we brought Daphne, our 8-1/2 year old Bull Mastiff, to The Canine Joint for exercise with the goal of weight loss. Daphne has suffered from chronic and painful inter-digital cysts her entire life, which diminished her ability and desire to go for walks. Over the years, Daphne packed on the pounds due to her […]

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We saw improvement after the first round of treatment!


Our pitbull, Nicky, never really recovered from being hit by a car when he was 2. After the first round of treatments at The Canine Joint, we saw increased muscle mass and dramatic improvement in his ability to get around. He now uses both his back legs to climb stairs where he could only use […]

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