We have seen huge changes in the way we care for our canine family members in just the past 10 years. Not only have there been major advances in veterinary medicine, but in the Physical Rehabilitation and Fitness field as well. For many years human research has shown how rehabilitation before and after surgery has tremendously improved the recovery rate. Statistics have proven that loss of muscle mass starts within 24 hours after surgery or injury along with having increased swelling, pain, and stiffness. We as humans can complain and explain what we are feeling and then receive appropriate medical treatment followed by Physical Therapy to ease our condition and get back our quality of life. The good news is, this is now possible for your canine. The Canine Joint is excited to introduce to our community the latest in Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness.

Our mission as Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners is to work alongside with your Veterinarian and use the latest and most innovative physical rehabilitation and fitness methods in order to return your canine family member back to their optimal condition. After communicating with your veterinarian, we evaluate each and every patient, implement a specialized physical rehabilitation program using some or all the following:

  • underwater treadmills
  • land treadmills
  • physio roll
  • swimming jet therapy
  • hot and cold pack therapies
  • class IV companion laser therapy
  • massage therapy
  • wobble board
  • balance discs
  • cavelettis
  • weave poles
  • range of motion therapy
  • specific exercises and stretches

and then give each patient a personal exercise program in order to continue their progress at home.